Agave UI Experiments

So I’ve found myself hacking on agave a bit more lately, and I thought I’d experiment a little bit with some different UI ideas. Any thoughts and comments are welcome, of course.

agave with color wheel
Agave with color wheel and swatches

Keep in mind that this is just at an experimental stage at the moment, so I may just throw it away if I decide that it doesn’t work well. I do think it gives a better sense of how the colors are related, though.

In any case, it’s been fun playing around a little bit with cairomm for once. In the end though, I’d probably want to implement this using some sort of canvas library, but I haven’t done enough research on the options that are currently available.

Kid, you better change your feathers cause you’ll never fly with those things

In theory, I’ll be a father in a week and a half. It’s a little bit crazy to think about. It’s definitely feeling a lot more imminent lately. Joanne is very pregnant and ready to be small again, but doing really well. We’ve pretty much decided on a name, and have sort of entered a state of waiting.

Since it may be a while before we get to a nice restaurant, we went out for a meal at Vincent in downtown Minneapolis for Valentines day. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed food as much in my life. It was absolutely phenomenal. I didn’t even regret the small fortune we paid for the meal.

I just pushed out a new minor release of Agave and I’ve also recently added support for enabling and disabling breakpoints in Nemiver.