Bugzilla for Lunch

Over my lunch hour, I’ve started taking about 15-30 minutes of my day and going through the list of newly filed bugs, marking duplicate reports or applying the stock NEEDINFO responses for bug reports without good stacktraces. I can’t do any in-depth triaging, since I’m at work away from my development environment, but I figure that I can at least help cut down on some of the noise in bugzilla with only a little bit of effort every day.

I’ve been using and developing software on Linux for a little while now, but I’ve always felt slightly uneasy about my lack of detailed knowledge about the Linux kernel. So I picked up rlove’s kernel development book this past weekend and I’m about halfway through it already. I’m gradually beginning to feel more … what’s the opposite of uneasy? easy? at ease? Anyway, it’s quite good and well written. Highly recommended if you’re looking for a nice introduction to the Linux kernel.

Nemiver’s proceeding nicely to a 0.2 release which should be a lot more robust in a lot of ways, including better support for poorly-behaved versions of gdb.