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How to waste an evening debugging the internals of glib’s qsort implementation

Working on a personal itch-scratching project, I found myself wanting a sortable treeview. So I stuffed my treemodel into a TreeModelSort and set up my sort functions, and everything was happy. Except, when running my application, I kept getting strange segfaults within glib’s qsort implementation. I had set the following function as my sort_func (yes, […]

Conversations with a 2.5-year-old

Listening to some music… r: Who sings this song? me: Okkervil River r: Why does he sing it? me: Because he wrote it. r: oh…. Like David Byrne wrote “In the Future”? The fact that this is her ‘default’ song is endlessly amusing to me.

Another Year

… and this year I have a daughter old enough to sing me ‘happy birthday’. Life is strange and wonderful.