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Icon theme cache issues

So I spent a good deal of saturday chasing down a bug in Agave that was reported by somebody trying to make a Debian package of it. Some time ago, when the second “GNOME Goal” was introduced for Installing theme-friendly icons, I decided I’d do that to Agave as well. (By the way, those little […]

Colorscheme to Agave

At long last, I’ve released a new version of GNOME Colorscheme. Only I’ve changed the name of the application with this release. The new name is Agave. I decided to change the name of the application after I found that people often assumed (due to the name) that it was an application that could be […]

Colorscheme for Debian

Thanks to Carlos Soto, there are now some initial Debian packages of Colorscheme. You can find them at See this mailing list post for more information. Thanks Carlos.