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Mon 04 Apr 2005

evince: I spent a couple evenings last week trying to finish up the threading changes to evince. I got it complete enough that I added two new features this weekend. The first was completion in the entry (see the screenshot at #172453). The second was to add continuous scrolling. Unfortunately, the first requires a bugfix […]

Wed 01 Sep 2004

games: We bought Pikmin 2 tonight. Zana promptly beat me in multi-player mode while claiming to be unable to figure out the keys. Very sneaky! filechooser: Ellipsizing cell renderers now works well in GTK+-HEAD. I put a screenshot of the filechooser using this at We really need to get tooltips on rows going now.

Wed 16 Jun 2004

games: Finished Prince of Persia! It was an extremely well crafted game, and a great way to spend a couple evenings. My one complaint is that it was on the short side. The story was quite compelling, though. It was well crafted and kept pulling us to play just a little longer. It had a […]

Mon 14 Jun 2004

games: Bought Prince of Persia, the Sands of Time this weekend. It’s a lot of fun, and lets me do much cooler moves than I should be able to do. Zana points out that the Prince would be in much better shape if only he’d carry a canteen.

Tue 06 Apr 2004

life: It’s been almost a month since I last wrote something. In that time, I jumped from working frantically on GTK+ 2.4.0 to doing sysadmin work full time. I’m quite exhausted. games: I found a great site dedicated to preserving underrated arcade and video games ( Most excitingly, they have Douglas Adams’ “Bureaucracy” available. I […]

Thu 04 Mar 2004

Music: With apologies to Oscar Hammerstein II Ol’ file chooser That ol’ file chooser. He don’t show nothin’ But he must save somethin’ Cause we just keeps codin’ We keeps codin’ along. Codin’ along. He don’t make new dirs He don’t drag bookmarks. Files thats big is soon forgotten. But that ol’ file chooser We […]

Tue 02 Mar 2004

File Chooser: Federico and I moved our TODO lists into bugzilla. The length is a bit oppressive, but they’re slowly falling. After our work today, the Save dialog is looking a lot nicer. I brought it up in the gimp and found it pretty darned usable. Also, I’m getting a patches from others, which is […]

Wed 14 Mar 2001

Laptop: My laptop arrived!!!! Woo hoo hoo. Repartitioned it to add a wintendo partition, but it mostly works. Then I tried to install network drivers for the pcmcia card I have for Windows. That was a total disaster. I think I’ll have to reinstall it tomorrow. It was nice getting a laptop from dell to […]