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Fri 10 Oct 2003

work: I’ve been wrestling with rhgb for the last week or so. I’m still not really satisfied that we’ve gotten all of the kinks out of it, but it’s much better than it was last week. We’ve gotten it to the point that it doesn’t slow down the boot much more than it booting without […]

Sun 25 Aug 2002

work: Been a really hectic month. I’ve been working 12-15 hour days the last month or so on the next Red Hat release. It’s somewhat therapeutic to go through a bug list, and just close as many as you can. On the flip side, these hours are getting very old. Zana’s been very heroic putting […]

Sat 03 Aug 2002

Movie: Hedwig and the Angry Inch. It’s an excellent, excellent movie. Definitely the most fun I’ve had with a movie this year. Work: Wrote redhat-config-packages with Jeremy. Some screenshots are available at It should be coming to a Red Hat Linux distribution near you. Deals: Tomato Paste was on sale for 20 cents a […]

Fri 14 Sep 2001

work: Went back to work on Wednesday. I got a lot more into my tree. It kept me busy all day, which was good. Still, it’s hard not to keep an eye on the news. All in all, it was a pretty dismal birthday. Zana tried really hard to make it nice though, and that […]

Fri 07 Sep 2001

work: Spent a lot of time at work last night.

Wed 08 Aug 2001

toys: mkj and I got a cool powerball a few days ago. I don’t fully understand how it works. I don’t want to break it, but I do want to know how it lights up. Decisions… work: Meridian Engineers meeting last night, where our new VP tried to work through some scheduling/resource issues. I don’t […]

Wed 23 May 2001

hacking (AisleRiot2): Got cards drawing again — this time they’re scaled. Also started porting the drawing engine from AR1 over until I can get real SVG images. hacking (GtkTreeView): I added the amazing focusing but non-activateable buttons today. These are buttons that you can click on to give focus (necessary for reordering columns). However you […]

Thu 15 Feb 2001

work (conftools): Did a bunch of work on bindconf this week. Elliot put it in the tree tonight, and it should make its way out to rawhide eventually. hacking (GTK+-HEAD): I gave some thought to dialog boxes. Bug #50537 has a simple solution, but I was thinking that it would be good to have a […]

Sun 11 Feb 2001

work (conftools): Went to bed at 5:30 last night, but woke up at 11:30 this morning b/c I had so much caffeine coursing through my blood. Zana spent yesterday reorganizing our books. We’re going to need to get another bookshelf.

Sat 10 Feb 2001

work (conftools): Finally did the release of apacheconf to testers-list. Got moved to bindconf. Blah. I was hoping to clean up AisleRiot with Zana this weekend, but it looks like I’ll have to punt that yet again. )-: food: Went to the very cool Indian restaurant with Zana and Owen where Owen and I nerded […]