Monthly Archives: March 2008

2.23.1 released

What is it ? Metacity is a simple window manager that integrates nicely with GNOME 2. What’s changed ? Thanks to Cosimo Cecchi, Jens Granseuer, Jim Huang, Andrea Del Signore, and Thomas Thurman for improvements in this version. (Cosimo’s patch was very similar to another received from Jason Ribero.) – Allow horizontal and vertical maximisation […]

2008-03-02: a rather muted Metacity Journal

Fewer things have been happening, but what they’ve lacked in number they’ve made up in excitingness. Excitingosity. Whatever it is. Bugs GNOME bug 358674 – the venerable unidirectional maximisation bug was closed today, with over fifty comments on the clock, several duplicated bugs, and two factions: FMB, who wanted horizontal or vertical maximisation to happen […]

2008-02-29: for when your mouse says “Wurlitzer” on the side

Havoc sends along a link to GNOME bug 44927, an excellent answer to the question “But why not just include this patch? It’s only a bit more code!”: “I included this patch [“support >5 mouse buttons”] since it seems harmless.” Bugs GNOME bug 437910 – there has been a fair amount of interesting discussion off […]