2008-03-02: a rather muted Metacity Journal

Fewer things have been happening, but what they’ve lacked in number they’ve made up in excitingness. Excitingosity. Whatever it is.


  • GNOME bug 358674 – the venerable unidirectional maximisation bug was closed today, with over fifty comments on the clock, several duplicated bugs, and two factions: FMB, who wanted horizontal or vertical maximisation to happen when you middle or right clicked on the maximise button, and TCA, who wanted them to be titlebar actions. Thomas called the dispute last week for the TCA, and committed one of the patches today. (When one of the comments says “See point F of comment 50”, you can tell the discussion’s been going on for a good while.)
  • GNOME bug 518606 – Metacity did not do what the libwnck documentation said, but it turned out to be because the libwnck documentation was wrong.

Checkins on trunk

Nothing very interesting.


  • On branches/gnome-2-22: lt by gintas

Photo: Lower Red Lion, St Albans. Photo by Gary Houston, public domain.

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5 thoughts on “2008-03-02: a rather muted Metacity Journal”

  1. Hey Thomas, you’re a fantastic maintainer for metacity, thanks for your work on keeping it like Cheerios! :-)

  2. Regarding horizontal/vertical maximizing…could you explain the TCA approach? I’m sifting through bugzilla and it’s not 100% clear. It sounds like this is the solution that was chosen:

    1. double click the title bar and it one thing (i.e. maiximize vertically)
    2. right click the title bar and it another thing (i.e. maximize horizontally)

    Is that correct? What about the simple solution of adding these options to the right-click properties for the title bar? It already includes other actions for the window like minimize, maximize, move, resize, etc and it seems it would make sense to include two new options for horizontal and vertical maximizing?

  3. I’m sorry that it wasn’t clear. You are correct in your conception of the TCA idea. There has been an option for many years to choose which of several actions to perform when the titlebar is double-clicked. Last summer, Metacity was briefly in the spotlight when one of the high-profile critics of its design, challenged on a mailing list (not by any of the maintainers) to produce a patch if he didn’t like it, did so. The patch added the capability to perform any of those actions on middle- or right-click as well, and after some discussion we committed it. So there are now three events which can invoke any of a set of actions. The TCA solution was to extend this set of actions to include unidirectional maximisation.

    Adding these options to the window menu (the menu you see on right-click) might be a good idea, and I urge you to raise a bug about it. It would certainly be a lot more discoverable. It would also be more cluttered, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The corresponding change would also be made in libwnck.

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