Monthly Archives: September 2008

2.24.0 released!

Nothing particularly exciting, except that this is the culmination of the 2.23 branch and the version which will be released in tonight’s 2.24 GNOME stable release.  I’m in a hurry at the moment or I’d add a nice picture. Here’s the release notes: Metacity is a lightweight compositing window manager for the GNOME desktop. What’s […]

2.23.377, 2.23.610

There have been a couple of release candidates put out on 2.23.* ready for the 2.24.0 release, which will be part of GNOME 2.24.0 (we keep sync with GNOME’s version numbering).  The only changes are a fix to GNOME bug 549479, which is about where desktop entries go and took a few tries to get […]

2.25.1 released

Thanks to Thomas Thurman for improvements in this version. Fix small memory leak, found by Matthias Clasen (Thomas ) (GNOME bug 549952) Added move_to_center keybinding suggested by Khanh-Dang Nguyen Thu Lam (Thomas ) (GNOME bug 549979) Compositor can be turned on and off from the command line (GNOME bug 545323) (Thomas) Translations: Khaled Hosny (ar), […]