2.23.377, 2.23.610

There have been a couple of release candidates put out on 2.23.* ready for the 2.24.0 release, which will be part of GNOME 2.24.0 (we keep sync with GNOME’s version numbering).  The only changes are a fix to GNOME bug 549479, which is about where desktop entries go and took a few tries to get right.

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2 thoughts on “2.23.377, 2.23.610”

  1. I read http://blogs.gnome.org/metacity/2008/08/15/communicating-with-metacity/ and wrote a small program to tile windows (like Windows), which works as expected for normal windows. For gnome-terminal, gvim, and emacs windows, however, the windows are resized (subject to increments constraints) but not moved. If I change the WM_NORMAL_HINTS of those windows and immediately try to move/resize again, I get the same failure. If I first reload metacity after changing the WM_NORMAL_HINTS, then those windows can be moved/resized like normal windows. How do I make metacity reload the new WM_NORMAL_HINTS?

  2. Nevermind that last comment. The problem was between my keyboard and my chair, and it has been corrected. I had mistakenly passed WM_NORMAL_HINTS around in the wrong format, although I’m not sure why restarting metacity was a workaround.

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