Monthly Archives: March 2009

Squib of the day: allow binding naked modifiers

GNOME bug 150897 points out that as things stand you can’t bind naked modifiers to actions– for example, you can’t have it so that pressing alt on its own takes a screenshot. The reason this might be useful is that pressing super (which is generally the key with the Windows logo on it) on its […]

Squib of the Day: Show size during resizing

GNOME bug 130821 suggests that all windows should have the current dimensions shown in the middle while they’re being resized.  Everyone seems to agree this is a good idea, and I’m not sure why we haven’t just committed it yet.  Any naysayers? Photo © Bruno Peck, cc-by-nc-sa.


LiveJournal users may read the Metacity blog by friending its syndicated feed. Photographers and other artists who publish work under the Creative Commons licences and who would like their work to appear occasionally in the “bug of the day” series here should contact Thomas by email (tthurman at gnome dot org).  These would be interleaved […]

Policy about theme versions

Metacity has a policy about enhancements which require changes to the theme format.  Metacity has to be both backwards and forward compatible.  In other words, it’s not enough that a later version of Metacity can run with themes intended for an earlier version.  Earlier versions must also be able to run with themes intended for […]

Squib of the Day: Ctrl+Alt+Delete

GNOME bug 130632 raises the idea of being able to put up the GNOME system monitor with a keystroke bound by default to Ctrl+Alt+Delete, as on Windows, so that users can kill applications and so on.  The usability people say this is fine as long as the system monitor gains a prominent logout button.  This […]

Squib of the day: “(as root)”

GNOME bug 549389, which has a couple of duplicates, says that if a window is owned by an app which is running as a user other than the user who’s running Metacity, then it should have “(as fred)” on the titlebars, just as it would have “(on chiark)” or whatever if you were running the […]