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Metacity is a compositing window manager, meaning that the windows are all treated as a whole, and that thus everything is smoother and special effects are possible. However, this is not turned on in versions of Metacity which end users tend to actually see, since the existing version in trunk does not work stably with all video cards. There have been several attempts to fix this, of which the most promising is currently Iain’s.

Recent happenings in Metacity and Mutter

Here’s a quick round-up of interesting goings-on in the Metacity and Mutter worlds this week. Sam H wants to implement tabbed windows in the window manager (so that each application would think it had multiple windows open, but the user would see tabs).  The responses included “awesome” and “my personal hero”.  Sam H plans to […]

Notes from Gran Canaria

Lots of happy buzz about window managers here at the desktop summit.  Some things people have said: Someone asked about implementing window matching.  It’s always been our policy that it should be done with an external tool, but policies can of course be rethought.  We might implement it in a branch and see whether anyone […]

Recent Mutter and Metacity activity

Here’s a quick roundup of recent happenings with Mutter and Metacity. Sugar Labs want to use Metacity (and not Mutter) in Sugar, and ran into the problem that undecorated maximised windows are necessarily fullscreened.  A patch was provided to turn this off. Two on tabs: Sam H wants to integrate tabs into Mutter; Ivan Denker […]

The future of…

The future of the project: It’s fairly clear now that Mutter will be an alternative window manager in GNOME 2.28, and the only window manager in GNOME 3.  It is therefore taking over the reins from Metacity 2: effectively, Mutter is Metacity 3. But what is to happen to Metacity 2?  Your chronicler believes that […]

Mutter integration: the story so far

One of the forks of Metacity is known as Mutter, because it’s Metacity with Clutter support.  It’s used by the forthcoming gnome-shell project. In a recent email to d-d-l, Owen Taylor gave two goals for the 2.28 release: That Mutter should be developed using the GNOME infrastructure; and That users will be able to choose […]

Squib of the day: speed up alt-tab under compositing

GNOME bug 504729 suggests that switching with alt-tab, while using compositing, is too slow. This is because all the images of the windows are scaled on the client side before the window is displayed. There are two possible answers to this problem. Firstly, we can check for key release while scaling is happening, and if […]

Squib of the day: Exposé

In GNOME bug 502491 someone is asking for an effect like Exposé on OS X.  Iain, who wrote the compositor and ought to know, believes it would be better done as a separate program.  There was an attempt to do this a while back, called Expocity, but nothing much came of it.  Does this mean […]

Squib of the day: Live previews in alt-tab

True to my promise, here’s the first bug/squib of the day. In GNOME bug 567757 someone is asking for live previews in the alt-tab window.  I can’t think why this would actually be useful, as opposed to pretty, and it sounds like a lot of work and a source of new bugs.  I am therefore […]

The easiest way to turn on compositing

Listen to this. For everyone complaining about having to use gconf-editor to turn compositing on: Hit alt-f2 Type metacity -c Hit return THAT IS ALL.

Compositor command-line switches

It seems, from reading blogs and forums, that many people like the idea of using Metacity’s compositor but are scared of changing the deep magic of gconf. In addition, there is nothing in the “–help” text to show that we have a compositor at all. Therefore, I propose a new switch to override the current […]