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Some days, one of the Metacity maintainers will post at the end of the day about what’s been going on in Metacity that day. There will be links to discussions, and you should feel free to dive in. We might link to Bugzilla discussions, discussions on the various downstream trackers such as launchpad, news coverage, or random blogs. (If you mention Metacity in your blog, we will get to hear about it, and we might link it and discuss what you say.)

Metacity Journal 2010-01-18

Thomas has been working on Metacity this past week, supported by Collabora Ltd.  Thanks, everyone! A. Last week. Work on Metacity has fallen into three parts over the last week: A1. Routine work such as reviewing patches. This included GNOME bug 598231 (null dereference in visual bell ). GNOME bug 336750 (potential DoS on shift-printscreen).  This […]

Recent happenings in Metacity and Mutter

Here’s a quick round-up of interesting goings-on in the Metacity and Mutter worlds this week. Sam H wants to implement tabbed windows in the window manager (so that each application would think it had multiple windows open, but the user would see tabs).  The responses included “awesome” and “my personal hero”.  Sam H plans to […]

Recent Mutter and Metacity activity

Here’s a quick roundup of recent happenings with Mutter and Metacity. Sugar Labs want to use Metacity (and not Mutter) in Sugar, and ran into the problem that undecorated maximised windows are necessarily fullscreened.  A patch was provided to turn this off. Two on tabs: Sam H wants to integrate tabs into Mutter; Ivan Denker […]

2009-02-02: Metacity Journal

It’s that journal thing again. Bugs They just keep piling up, don’t they ? GNOME bug 163023 – claimed no longer relevant GNOME bug 310842 – prefixes, squib from a few days back: what’s the use case ? GNOME bug 339692 – possible patch; compiz doesn’t like it GNOME bug 387139 – possibly actually a gedit issue […]

Metacity Journal: 2009-01-27

Your chronicler is once again reminded to overhaul this script. Those who are reading this from other projects– would you be interested in a copy when it’s more polished? Bugs As ever, feel free to join these conversations . GNOME bug 171174 Xephyr crash– is this still a problem ? GNOME bug 437910 option to switch resize/menu […]

Metacity Journal: 2009-01-25

Your chronicler attempted to produce this version of the Metacity Journal using the old script; however, it had not run for so long that it listed hundreds of changes. Therefore it was largely pared down by hand, and only the changes from the last few days have been mentioned. If you’d like to dive in […]

2008-12-23: Metacity Journal

Listen to this. The patch in GNOME bug 482354 (the one about windows which present to other workspaces, which almost every distro has included) was finally committed . GNOME bug 83892, double-click to close, is still being argued over; your chronicler would like to hear some usability experts discuss the reasons given for its inclusion. GNOME […]

2008-11-23: Metacity Journal

Bugs GNOME bug 550670 led to the discovery of GNOME bug 561911, which is also possibly related to GNOME bug 513944, that errors happen because of graphics contexts being of different depths . Launchpad bug 296757: gdesklets and Metacity’s compositor apparently don’t play nicely . GNOME bug 344072: It has been suggested that alt-Esc should be removed, […]

2008-11-11: fullscreen, focus and so on

Listen to this. Welcome back, gentle reader, to the Metacity Journal, which now talks to you over your cornflakes.  This may not be a long-term feature, but your chronicler thought it worth trying. It’s been a quiet few days in the world of Metacity, but here’s the latest news.  As ever, feel free to dive […]

2008-10-29: Metacity Journal

Another day, another Metacity Journal, and your chronicler still has not resurrected the script. Bugs As ever, feel free to dive in with any of these . GNOME bug 558058, Launchpad bug 258054, and possibly Launchpad bug 266929 were obscure bugs caused by dereferencing the values of GConf keys which are never null on a properly-configured […]