Metacity Journal: 2009-01-27

Your chronicler is once again reminded to overhaul this script. Those who are reading this from other projects– would you be interested in a copy when it’s more polished?


As ever, feel free to join these conversations.

  • GNOME bug 171174 Xephyr crash– is this still a problem?
  • GNOME bug 437910 option to switch resize/menu keys, often asked for; will someone test this patch who isn’t Thomas?
  • GNOME bug 475038 applications should open on the workspace you launch them from
  • GNOME bug 504729 alt-tab speed (today’s squib)
  • GNOME bug 518712 not sure I understand this well enough to summarise; some GL problem with the compositor
  • GNOME bug 521914 switch to using Zenity– research continues on how to replicate current behaviour; today, transience
  • GNOME bug 531512 someone thinks freedesktop should move EWMH efforts onto dbus
  • GNOME bug 549886 refactoring of window property handlers completed; some more optimisation is certainly possible, though
  • GNOME bug 569289 metacity’s desktop file should ask for it to be restarted automatically
  • GNOME bug 569366 too many expose events when switching desktops

Inbox Zero

1 day passed from when there were 447 bugs; there are still 445 from yesterday, because new ones have been opened in the meantime; if this continues we will need 7 months. Still on target, though.

Checkins on trunk


A bit short on links this time.  Post something in your own blog about Metacity– either something you’ve read here or something you come up with independently– and we’ll notice and (probably) link it here.  And it’s always good when people link us so we get more readers joining in discussions: link away!

Till we meet again, gentle reader, farewell.

Photo: The Cricketers, St Albans. Photo by Gary Houston, public domain.

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One thought on “Metacity Journal: 2009-01-27”

  1. For bug 531512 (DBus and EWMH), I think the sanest solution is for someone who particularly wants this to write a DBus wrapper for libwnck. C was the ‘official GNOME language’ long before DBus was, after all. What would it take to polish up libwnck to a releasable state? Despite being marked unstable, I’m sure there’s a lot of apps using it as-is already.

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