2008-12-23: Metacity Journal

Listen to this.

  • The patch in GNOME bug 482354 (the one about windows which present to other workspaces, which almost every distro has included) was finally committed.
  • GNOME bug 83892, double-click to close, is still being argued over; your chronicler would like to hear some usability experts discuss the reasons given for its inclusion.
  • GNOME bug 565241 is a small change to Atlanta, the default theme.
  • GNOME bug 160311, requesting the ability to change border sizes independently of the theme, has finally gained a patch which may well be included.
  • GNOME bug 345233 has the rather pleasant idea that “Take a screenshot” should be added to the window menu.
  • GNOME bug 343824 is a request for the default maximisation keybinding to be a toggle, which seems reasonable.
  • GNOME bug 564343, Launchpad bug 298463, and others have said there’s a problem with the print screen button on some distributions.  Still trying to track this one down.
  • GNOME bug 565409 believes there should be an option for alt-Tab to display all windows on all workspaces all the time.  What do you think?

We’re not doing the “around the blogs” section this time because they’re mostly repeats of what’s gone before.

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5 thoughts on “2008-12-23: Metacity Journal”

  1. Why isn’t there and FreeDesktop-WM?

    ie merge KWin and Metacity and just use different conf-backends?

  2. +1 for the bug 565409 :) This is definitly an option that I’ll use.

    Another option which I found usefull in compiz is the ability to switch the workspace when using the mousewheel on the desktop or on a edge of the screen. I don’t know if metacity is able to do that, but I think it can be usefull too.

    gilir, a happy user of metacity :)

  3. Like gilir, I’d like being able to switch workspace with the mouse wheel on the desktop.

    btw, I’ve noticed that if a window’s title is outside the desktop, left-clicking on its border doesn’t resize but pops up the window menu instead. I’m too lazy to report the bug, or is it a feature ?

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