Metacity 2.25.89

What is it ?

  • Metacity is a simple compositing window manager that integrates nicely with GNOME 2.

What’s changed ?

  • The maximisation key is a toggle. (Thomas) (GNOME bug 343824)
  • “Unmaximise” is now called “restore”. (Thomas) (GNOME bug 343824)
  • New thread handling call for gconf (Frederic) (GNOME bug 565517)
  • Add screenshot commands back which had been removed (Yanko) (GNOME bug 565343)
  • move_to_corner_se keybinding fixed (Thomas)
  • Windows on other workspaces which attempt to present themselves are marked as needing attention (Colin) (GNOME bug 482354)
  • End the grab op when the user clicks the titlebar (Thomas) (GNOME bug 401028)


  • Jorge González (es)

Where can I get it ?

Photo: Lower Red Lion, St Albans. Photo by Gary Houston, public domain.

Published by

Thomas Thurman

Mostly themes, triaging, and patch review.