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The answers page

Feel free to ask more questions, but here are answers to the ones you asked already: How would you make a Prelude theme? Answered here and now floating around the net. Will the compositor ever be enabled by default? I’d like it to be.  There are apparently people it still doesn’t work for well, though.  […]

The letters page

Open thread: ask us a question, get an answer.

Dragging the window icon

Listen to this. A user writes: At the moment i’m trying to make a theme for metacity but I have no idea how I can make the document icon drag-able and to interact with the desktop environment i.e. drag to the desktop to save or to the trash to delete. Firstly, let me thank you […]


Apologies to subscribers of metacity-devel-list who have just had a dozen messages come through at once, and also to the authors of those messages for the time they spent in the queue. I didn’t have the password to administer the list; I do now. Now to actually answer them.

Who’s out there?

Who’s reading this? Comment if you like and say hello. Feel free to ask any questions you’d like us to answer at the same time. Do you think everyone who might possibly want to know about day-to-day Metacity life is reading the Metacity blog? If not, how could we tell them about it?

Reminding us

Two of you emailed me out of the blue today to remind me that GNOME bug 504692 has an unreviewed patch on it that you’d like looked at before the next unstable release.  Thank you!  This is a very good way of reminding me of such things, and I think that holds true for most […]

Ask us

Someone asked on IRC whether there had been a Metacity blog post about a certain thing they were interested in. There hadn’t been, but they were interested in seeing one, and I wondered what else people would like to see. So, ask us some questions (presumably questions about Metacity; if you want to know the […]

We get letters: two projects

Nigel Tao writes: Hello. I’ve been reading with great interest, and was wondering if you had any thoughts on my superswitcher program? People occasionally ask me if I’d push some of it upstream, which presumably means into metacity. I asked which parts people wanted pushed upstream, and he said “the replacement of the existing […]