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Someone asked on IRC whether there had been a Metacity blog post about a certain thing they were interested in. There hadn’t been, but they were interested in seeing one, and I wondered what else people would like to see. So, ask us some questions (presumably questions about Metacity; if you want to know the date of the original constitution of Colorado there’s always Wikipedia :) ). People might answer them in the comments, and some of them might grow up to be fully-fledged posts. Of course you can always email us, too.

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  1. Sorry if this is more like a feature request.

    But is there a way for metacity to know the user id of a window owner? I always thought it would be nice if windows running under “gksudo” could have a red/alternate border.

    I also like that compiz has a greyout effect on unresponsive windows. I think the effect is too extreme, but I would be a big fan if Metacity could give more hints on the state of an application.

    Subtle would be the key though. Just some color tinting on the border perhaps.

    We already show status of keyboard focus in the frame. Example of other window frame notifications?
    Window application is root user
    Window is unresponsive
    Window application is swapping (too much ram)
    Window is running from remote host
    Notification/Alert (similar to window list flash)


  2. It’s definitely technically possible (_NET_WM_PID tells you the process that owns the window, then you look up which user owns the process). I think it might be useful; would you raise an enhancement request in bugzilla and ask for it so we can all discuss it there?

  3. How simple is the compositor going to remain? People are going to start asking to reproduce all the features provided by compiz. Will expose-like functionality be included? Will things like that need to be a plugin or addon of some sort?

    I’m using the ubuntu 8.04 distribution packages of metacity, and one thing I can say is that is doesn’t hard lock my machine like pretty much every compiz package including the most recent ones do with my r300 card, so thanks!

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