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This is not the Metacity home page. There is no Metacity home page. This is for the same reason there is no flashy logo: Metacity strives to be quiet, small, stable, get on with its job, and stay out of your attention.

But this is a place where you can find out about Metacity. The maintainers and contributors post here, and we invite and provide feedback. So, what sorts of things can you expect to see here?

  • Announcements of releases.
  • The Metacity Journal appears semi-regularly, when things have been busy in the Metacity world. It discusses:
    • notable changes to the code in the last day or so
    • links back to people who have written about Metacity in their own blogs and discussion of what they say
    • news articles mentioning Metacity
    • activity on bugs (either on GNOME’s own bug tracker or downstream). These are often about issues which concern users, and you should always feel free to leave a comment giving your own opinion. We thrive on it.
  • When there’s a lot of work being done on a particular sub-project, there will probably be regular posts on that project here. An obvious example was Iain’s compositor.
  • anything else we think of.
  • anything else you think of, possibly.

Comments on posts are open for the first few weeks, but are always moderated to keep the spammers away.

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Mostly themes, triaging, and patch review.

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