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I know what you’re thinking: you thought this blog was dead. Well, I have to apologise for the lack of attention to Metacity recently. I’ve been trying to rectify this, and I’ll try to keep it up. There have been things sucking up my time, but they are mostly over now. I’ve closed a few […]

How to help with Metacity

Someone was asking how they could help with Metacity. Here are some thoughts. Why it’s important.  Metacity is (for now) the official window manager of the GNOME desktop.  Even though Metacity supports compositing, one of its strengths is that it can also run in a non-composited mode: plenty of people run Metacity who can’t or […]

Bug of the day

There are several hundred bugs still open in the Metacity bug tracker.  Over a hundred of these are enhancement requests. During the first quarter of last year, this blog ran a daily “bug of the day” or “squib of the day” feature, where suggested enhancements would be discussed.  Every so often, there’d be a roundup […]

The wider world of window border themes

After all this talk about theme formats, an overview of how they are handled in other window managers seemed in order. Your chronicler is no expert on most of these systems, so there may well be mistakes below. As you probably know, Metacity uses a complex and powerful (perhaps over-powerful) XML-based vector theme format. Matchbox […]

Two hundred

The Metacity blog has been going now for a little over two years, and this is our two hundredth post. We began at least partly as a place to keep an essay about building the tab list, and we grew from there, picking up the Metacity Journal, release notes, and the Bug of the Day […]

The future of…

The future of the project: It’s fairly clear now that Mutter will be an alternative window manager in GNOME 2.28, and the only window manager in GNOME 3.  It is therefore taking over the reins from Metacity 2: effectively, Mutter is Metacity 3. But what is to happen to Metacity 2?  Your chronicler believes that […]

Mutter integration: the story so far

One of the forks of Metacity is known as Mutter, because it’s Metacity with Clutter support.  It’s used by the forthcoming gnome-shell project. In a recent email to d-d-l, Owen Taylor gave two goals for the 2.28 release: That Mutter should be developed using the GNOME infrastructure; and That users will be able to choose […]

Blogger’s Choice Awards

Administrivia: I’ve nominated this blog in the Blogger’s Choice awards, more because it might bring in fresh readers and more insight than because I think it might win.  Other GNOME blogs might consider whether they’d like to enter as well.


LiveJournal users may read the Metacity blog by friending its syndicated feed. Photographers and other artists who publish work under the Creative Commons licences and who would like their work to appear occasionally in the “bug of the day” series here should contact Thomas by email (tthurman at gnome dot org).  These would be interleaved […]

Zenity, sessions, and window matching

It has been pointed out that session management in Metacity is currently a bit broken. Firstly, it leaves a lot of useless files around. I assume that the only session file which is really necessary is the most recent one. Secondly, I recently found and fixed a bug where Metacity actually crashed when attempting to […]