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another crazy idea

Almost everything we bind keys to could be done with an external application via EWMH, and on my computer there’s no perceptible speed penalty.  (I’m sure there is on slower machines.)  Perhaps there should be a configure switch not to include the code to do everything except the things which pop up switchers (and another […]

Squib of the day: walk through workspaces

I don’t know why switching continues to be a source of squibs, but there it is.  In GNOME bug 570817 someone is suggesting a way to walk through workspaces (presumably only populated ones, but that’s not clear) in the same way that hitting and immediately releasing alt-tab moves you to the next window without regard […]

Squib of the day: Remove alt-tab entirely

In GNOME bug 570079, someone suggests throwing away alt-tab entirely to replace it with an external program, specifically superswitcher. Of course, you can already do this by disabling the ordinary alt-tab action and then assigning superswitcher to be one of the custom commands, but I think they want it shipped that way by default. I […]

You can switch in a direction!

When I posted yesterday’s squib, I really didn’t expect six people to say they’d use it. Someone plaintively left a message on the bug saying “Please make it possible for devilspie to add this feature!” Well, it is possible for devilspie or any other addon to add this feature, and for that reason it’s not […]

Squib of the day: move in a direction

In GNOME bug 152661 someone is asking for the ability to move in a particular direction from a given window (as opposed to from a given workspace).  So you could move to the closest window to the right of the focussed window, for example.  Apparently FVWM has this feature.  (I assume this would be an […]

Squib of the day: speed up alt-tab under compositing

GNOME bug 504729 suggests that switching with alt-tab, while using compositing, is too slow. This is because all the images of the windows are scaled on the client side before the window is displayed. There are two possible answers to this problem. Firstly, we can check for key release while scaling is happening, and if […]

Exposé, part two

Quick on the heels of our previous post on this matter, and Iain’s explanation of how it can be done in an external process and spawned on a keypress, malept points out Skippy, a program to do just that.  However, it appears to be unmaintained.  Does anyone fancy picking up the reins?  Possibly there should […]

Squib of the day: Exposé

In GNOME bug 502491 someone is asking for an effect like Exposé on OS X.  Iain, who wrote the compositor and ought to know, believes it would be better done as a separate program.  There was an attempt to do this a while back, called Expocity, but nothing much came of it.  Does this mean […]

Squib of the day: Live previews in alt-tab

True to my promise, here’s the first bug/squib of the day. In GNOME bug 567757 someone is asking for live previews in the alt-tab window.  I can’t think why this would actually be useful, as opposed to pretty, and it sounds like a lot of work and a source of new bugs.  I am therefore […]

Know all men by these presents…

I tried to discuss the gtk_window_present() problem earlier, but I only managed to confuse myself. So here’s an extra rundown; perhaps we can move towards solving it. The problem is that there’s a call, gtk_window_present(), which is very vaguely specified: Presents a window to the user. This may mean raising the window in the stacking […]