Squib of the day: walk through workspaces

LightswitchI don’t know why switching continues to be a source of squibs, but there it is.  In GNOME bug 570817 someone is suggesting a way to walk through workspaces (presumably only populated ones, but that’s not clear) in the same way that hitting and immediately releasing alt-tab moves you to the next window without regard to where it is.

Of course again we could solve this simply with an external script, and I’m wondering whether there should be a Bugzilla status for RESOLVED CANFIXWITHASCRIPT.

More seriously, perhaps there should be a collection of these scripts and a master script which listed them all in a dialogue box and modified the user’s GConf settings according to which ones were turned on.  (I wonder whether the control-center people would object to having this in an “Advanced” button somewhere, or whether that’s too bells-and-whistly.)

Update: Since the script was so simple, I spent twenty minutes writing it and closed the bug.  I think this demonstrates that we need a Perl module called X11::Protocol::Extended which knows about the EWMH, so these scripts are even easier to write.  Maybe I’ll write it.

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