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Justified and ancient

Although it’s common for Metacity themes to have centred titles, there are still several themes which have the title justified to the left or right . GNOME bug 612940 makes the not unreasonable suggestion that the justification should be swapped when the system is running in a language such as Hebrew, Arabic, or Urdu which […]

Theme-based button layouts

Some window border themes, such as Radiance Chrome or any theme attempting to recreate the look of OS X, have the window buttons carefully designed as separate images which can’t be re-ordered without breaking the design. At present, the order of buttons is under the control of the user, not the theme.  If a theme […]

Cowbell blog

Because the posts about Cowbell are threatening to choke the rest of this blog, and because it’s only of interest to a particular subset of readers, I’ve created a Cowbell blog.  See you over there.  Normal service will be resumed here.

Specifying button widths in CSS

The height of a button in a CSS theme is determined by the height of the titlebar, which in turn is determined in most cases by the height of the titlebar font, but occasionally explicitly.  The height of buttons cannot be set explicitly. For the width of the button, however, there are two common cases: […]

Themes roundup

Here are four pieces of news from the world of theming. Human may be replaced. We don’t usually cover news about specific themes here (although perhaps we should) but it’s worth noting that Ubuntu’s default theme, Human, although very beautiful, is a little long in the tooth.  There has been a proposal to replace it […]

Border widths under user control

At present, the width of a window’s border is decided by the current theme.  However, some people find it harder either to see thin borders or to click on them.  They would prefer thicker borders than most people want. In addition, Metacity measures border widths in pixels.  The higher the resolution of a display, the […]

Future directions of Cowbell

Future directions. Here’s where Cowbell is going next: The existing functionality is going to be moved into a library called libcowbell.  Very little will be changed at this point from what we already have.  (But there will be some extra tests.) A release of the metacity-cowbell branch will be made that can use libcowbell. A […]

Future directions for Cowbell

I believe the best direction in the immediate future for Cowbell is as follows: Fix the :hover and :active pseudoclasses. Add support for v2 themes back in. Provide a patch for Mutter. Port some more themes, such as Crux. Anyone wishing to advocate for anything else on the future directions list to come sooner is […]

The Sunshine theme

In order to demonstrate Cowbell more adequately, I asked Firinel to help design a new and simple theme. The result was Sunshine. In order to test Cowbell, you will need to download Sunshine.  Then follow the instructions in the README to unpack it into your ~/.themes directory.  The tarball also includes a copy of Crux, […]

CSS on window borders experimental layout language

I’m happy to announce the first experimental version of Metacity with support for CSS window borders (“Cowbell”).  This work was largely supported by Collabora Ltd. You can: download the tarball; read the documentation (it’s not as boring as you might imagine); review the source history. This diagram should explain everything, perhaps. I would especially like […]