Future directions for Cowbell

55 femöringar - five-öre coinsI believe the best direction in the immediate future for Cowbell is as follows:

  1. Fix the :hover and :active pseudoclasses.
  2. Add support for v2 themes back in.
  3. Provide a patch for Mutter.
  4. Port some more themes, such as Crux.

Anyone wishing to advocate for anything else on the future directions list to come sooner is welcome to make their point, however.

Please let me know if you’re testing Cowbell, or if you’re interested in it. whether or not you’re working on new themes.  I’d like to keep the Cowbell community cohesive.

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Thomas Thurman

Mostly themes, triaging, and patch review.

2 thoughts on “Future directions for Cowbell”

  1. I’m not sure whether this is the responsibility of Cowbell or some other part of mutter infrastructure, but true rounded corners on window borders would be a massive improvement and bring parity with OS X and Windows. Gnome 3 seems like the perfect time to achieve a similar level of polish to other operating systems.

  2. Thank you for your effort!!

    I think the most important things are:

    1. pseudoclasses
    2. gtk colors, so themes like blended can be made with cowbell

    In hope I can test cowbell as soon as I get some free time

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