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2.22 branched

Metacity has been branched for the upcoming 2.22 release. The relevant teams are aware. Development continues on trunk (which is the upcoming 2.23).

Some compositor issues

So, now that the compositor is in trunk and everyone is excited, this might be a good time to mention some “issues”. Firstly, it seems that there are some weird shadow redrawing problems…these just appeared recently, so it shouldn’t be hard to find the offending commit. I think I know what it is, I just […]

Trip the light fantastic

Useful uses for a compositor #1 Some videos this time, they’re not particularly good quality but that doesn’t matter. First – Its like acid, but cheaper! So what exactly are we seeing? Well, everytime a section of the screen needs to be redrawn, the compositor draws it correctly, and then picks a random colour […]

By popular request

Some people have expressed concern about the panel drop shadows. At least three people didn’t like that they drew the shadows over the windows close to them. So in response I’ve just committed a change that makes the panel drop shadows only draw on the desktop. I think it looks quite neat and tidy actually. […]