I love this plan. I’m excited to be a part of it. Let’s do it!

Hi from GCDS! Now that both my normal talk and my crazy talk are done I guess I can break the radio silence and say what’s going on like everyone else is doing. I spent a couple of crazy days with Fer preparing our GNOME 1,2.3 talk, although to be honest it was great fun to make up all those jokes and find those videos. For those who asked, he’s preparing a technical ‘Making of’ of the talk, so stay tuned. Because of that I missed some talks and parties, but now that that’s over I’ll try to attend to as much stuff as possible! For starters, yesterday’s Igalia Party was great.

One thing I’ll try to do before I leave is to spend some time with the WebKit guys and try to get some serious hacking going (in my case, I’ll try to finally kill my a11y nemesis bug, which shall remain linkless), so if you want to join us or want to ask anything about WebKit just grab me and ask if you see me.

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