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We are not enemies

I do not usually blog, much less about unrelated topics but I think the events and comments of the past few days are worth reflecting on. Simply put, just because someone have a different opinion it does not make him … Continue reading

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Glade User Survey goes live!

Hello everyone! in the past few weeks I been working on a survey for Glade. The idea is that it will help us to better know our user base and thus allow us to take inform decisions to improve Glade … Continue reading

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Porting widgets to the new template API… the LAZY way!

First of all I want to thanks everyone involved in GUADEC organization specially to the GNOME foundation for sponsoring me once again. It is been great meeting with old friends and making new ones! So after Tristan’s talk UI developer … Continue reading

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High DPI bug workaround!

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Glade Drag & Drop support

New Drag & Drop support in 3.15 development series: First of all I would like to thanks once again to the foundation for sponsoring my trip to Brussels to attend the Developer Experience Hackhest and Alberto for inviting me in … Continue reading

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GtkBuilder and external objects

What if you want to reference an object you created from a GtkBuilder script? or even more add children to a container created outside the scope of GtkBuilder? You can not! But do not worry, a simple API like the … Continue reading

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Cosimo and Denny wants to see YOU in Boston!!

I am really pleased to say that GNOME foundation is sponsoring me again to travel to Boston for my first hackfest after a very personally successful GUADEC. Not only GUADEC was a success for me professionally but most importantly on … Continue reading

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Embeding GtkBuilder UI definitions into GObject classes!

Wait, what? Back in the day Glade used to generate code which was messy if was not handled properly, eventually everyone agreed it was better to use libglade instead and load the UI interface from a xml file, something that … Continue reading

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Cross compiling Glade for win32

It was a long time since I did not give cross compiling a try and it turns out to be easier than expected if you use precompiled binaries from windows:mingw[1] project on the OpenSUSE Build Service. (OBS) First of all … Continue reading

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SVG && cairo_path_t fun!

For all of those of you who usually program with cairo: How do you include a somewhat complex path in your code? Let’s take GIMP as an example… Wilber figure shows ups in a few places and the cairo code … Continue reading

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