Cambalache 0.16.0 Released

Hello, I am pleased to announce a new version of Cambalache

Version 0.16.0 targets the newly released GNOME SDK 45 and includes all the new changes in Gtk and the new Adwaita release.

These release should also help people experiencing issues with the workspace since it has a brand new version of webkit.

Matrix channel

Have any question? come chat with us at


I created a Mastodon account @xjuan where you will be able to get news related to Cambalache, which means the Twitter account @XjuanAr will be phased out soon.

Where to get it?

As always you can get the code in gitlab

git clone

or download from flathub

flatpak remote-add --user --if-not-exists flathub
flatpak install --user flathub ar.xjuan.Cambalache

Happy coding!

4 thoughts on “Cambalache 0.16.0 Released”

  1. I encourage you to continue working in Cambalache and provide deb and rpm packages. I couldn’t get it working in debian

    1. Hi thanks, I use debian so it does work, look at the Dockerfile to know exactly all the packages you need.
      In any case I do recommend using Flatpak, creating a Debian package should not be much work but I never got around to it.

  2. Is it possible that when Cambalache outputs:
    that it really should be: ?

    Because the first way doesn’t seem to automatically apply css in builder, but it works if I manually edit my xml in the way I’ve suggested above.

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