Cambalache 0.14.0 Released!

I am pleased to announce a new Cambalache version.

Cambalache is a new RAD tool for Gtk 4 and 3 with a clear MVC design and data model first philosophy.

Version 0.14.0 brings two new features one of them not even originally supported by Glade.

Release Notes:

    • Add GMenu support
    • Add UI requirements edit support
    • Add Swedish translation. Anders Jonsson
    • Updated Italian translation. Lorenzo Capalbo
    • Show deprecated and not available warnings for Objects, properties and signals
    • Output minimum required library version instead of latest one
    • Fix output for templates with inline object properties
    • Various optimizations and bug fixes
    • Bump test coverage to 66%

Menu Support

The <menu> tag in GtkBuilder is the builtin support for GMenuModel and GMenu classes defined in GIO.

All you need to do is create a “(menu)” model object…

and add items, sections or submenus to it.

People familiar with the GObject type system might have noticed that “(menu)” is not a valid GType name this is intentional and used for built in features like <menu> tag or defining external objects ( “(external)” ) this allows me to model everything in a generic way and have custom code to export this in the right non generic format.

UI Requirements

Just like Glade, Cambalache now let you choose which library version you want to target.

A list of all libraries used in the UI file. will be available in the requires tab of the object editor.

Here you will be able to select which target version you want to use in the UI file and the application will warn you if the object, property or signal is not available in the version you selected.

You can also leave it blank and Cambalache will automatically use the minimum library required for your UI.

Where to get it?

As always you can get the code in gitlab

git clone

or download from flathub

flatpak remote-add --user --if-not-exists flathub
flatpak install --user flathub ar.xjuan.Cambalache

Happy coding!

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