Try GTK 4 Demos Now!

You watched Matthias’s talk at Linux App Summit last week and you wish you could try the demos yourself? Excellent!

During the Q&A section, Cassidy James asked if there was any Flatpak available, an hour after that we published a Nightly version of GTK4 Demo along with the Widget factory and the Icon Browser in GNOME’s Nightly repository.

To try it all you need to do is the following:

$ flatpak install
$ flatpak run org.gtk.Demo4

The Flatpak is built by the GTK CI pipeline for on each commit so it will be updatable as time goes. You can try the most bleeding edge there is, all in its little isolated sandbox without worrying about messing with your system or having to go through the soul crashing process of figuring out how to build software.

If you are curious how we do CI/CD with Flatpak, take a look at the Merge Request and the relevant wiki page.

6 thoughts on “Try GTK 4 Demos Now!”

  1. Hi,
    this is great! However, would it be possible to have a ppc64le build aswell? I am on the Raptor Computing Systems Blackbird on Fedora Rawhide ppc64le and also want to try demo.
    Currently I receive the following error message: error: No such ref ‘app/org.gtk.Demo4/ppc64le/master’ in remote gnome-nightly
    [christian@localhost ~]$

    Alternatively, how am I to build the demo myself?


    1. Hello!

      We would love to provide ppc64le builds as well as aarch64 but we are currently lacking the hardware to do so. There is an experimental runtime build for ppc64le but it hasn’t been updated since 2020-09-04 due to various infrastructure issues and the donated runner is unstable. aarch64 runtime builds are in a better shape at least and are generally usable.

      In general the manifest is in the GTK repo

  2. Awesome! Right now I get the error below, but I assume this nightly to be pretty unstable.

    $ flatpak run org.gtk.Demo4
    gtk4-demo: symbol lookup error: /app/lib/ undefined symbol: pango_fc_font_get_languages

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