Back from GUADEC 2010

It’s my first time to attend the GUADEC 2010, the Hague was awesome. Here I met a lot of passion and great contributors, put their faces to names. And I knew about the latest status of Shell, Clutter and GNOME 3.

Here I met Dominique, Vincent, Scott, Paul, Mario, Gabriel, …

Dominique Leuenberger, originally uploaded by libin_charles.

Vincent Untz, originally uploaded by libin_charles.

Novell guys, originally uploaded by libin_charles.

Mario Gonzalez, originally uploaded by libin_charles.

And I gave a lightening talk in the last day which is 30th July. The topic is “How to let NetworkManager more security?”, it’s not a big deal, just tell the new comer how to use the PolicyKit let application more security. You can get more detail from here .

I also took part in the the beach BBQ party on Thursday at Scheveningen, which is organized by Collabora. The food was very delicious, here I played the table football and talked freely with everyone you liked. It’s very nice!

My pictures in GUADEC 2010.

Thanks to all and the GNOME Foundation in particular.