Wow. I haven’t written anything here since September :/

Work continues apace on the Java Desktop System… we seem to be working on about 96 different releases at once, and consequently spending lots of time porting features between them when it would be more fun to develop new ones… but hey, it seems to be working so far. Right now I’m putting together a bunch of recommendations from our most recent usability study, which will hopefully make it into the version after next.

Had a brief chat the other day with Seth about moving the HIG to a GNOME-friendly 6-month release cycle… sounds like a good idea to me, although as always I dunno when I’m ever likely to have time to work on it :/

Sounds like Sun will be sending a fair old crowd to GUADEC again this year as well, which is cool… and I think I’ve managed to get out of doing a talk this year, which is even cooler 🙂