You can contribute to Clutter by submitting patches, reporting bugs, suggesting features, and building and sharing creations made with Clutter. Good starting points for contributing to the Clutter code base are the HACKING and CODING_STYLE files in the Clutter repository.

Issue tracking (Bugzilla)

Bugs, patches, and feature requests should be submitted via the Clutter Bugzilla.

Roadmap (Wiki)

Clutter’s development road map is maintained on the wiki; you can watch the page to track the state of the development of both Clutter Core and Cogl.

Mailing list

Discussions about Clutter development, bugs, and RFEs, as well as discussion about application development with Clutter happen on the clutter-list mailing list; you can subscribe from the administrative interface on

IRC channel

For real-time general Clutter chitchat, join #clutter on

Source code access

For details of the Clutter git repository, see the Downloads section.

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