Changes in the layout of the Git repository

I sent this announcement to the mailing list as well.

for the past couple of years, Clutter has been developed off of a topic branch, while the master branch has been reserved to the development of the API-incompatible 2.0 series.

since the 2.0 series will likely not happen, and given the confusion that the layout of the repository induced in new contributors, I decided to do some surgery on the Git repository.

starting now, Clutter will follow the classic model of “development happens in master, stable releases happen from topic branches”.

the clutter-1.22 branch, which was being used for the development of Clutter 1.22 and meant to be used for GNOME 3.16, has been merged into the master branch.

the clutter-1.22 branch will be left alone, until Clutter 1.22 is released, at which point it all changes between now and the 1.22 branch point will be merged back into the clutter-1.22 branch, like it used to happen.

given that all the changes on the master branch were either commits in preparation for 2.0, or cherry picks from clutter-1.* branches, I opted to just revert them all; they are still recorded in the history, so it’s trivial to cherry pick them out. the merge itself retains all the history of the existing topic branches.

since I only used reverts and merges, there aren’t any forced pulls. the integrity of the Git repository is left intact.

I’m going to change jhbuild and gnome-continuous to pull from master for the current development cycle, as soon as I’ve thoroughly tested the change. if you are using jhbuild to build Clutter, you won’t notice any change, but you should double check that the branch you are using is the correct one, if you have a habit of building Clutter manually.

have fun!

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