New Clutter-GTK releases

good news, everyone!

I just released two tarballs of the Clutter-GTK integration library:

Clutter-GTK 1.2.2
The last release in the old stable 1.2 series, with a set of fixes backported from the master branch.
Clutter-GTK 1.4.0
The first release in the new stable 1.4 series, the result of the current development cycle.

you can find both at the usual URL:

have fun!

7 thoughts on “New Clutter-GTK releases”

  1. Hello! I didn’t know where to ask. #clutter at seems empty. I would like to contribute to this project as well as to learn and to improve my programming skills (as “a byproduct” 🙂 ). I have Python, C++ skills and a bit of C (But still a lot to learn). Please advise how and where do I start. I need some guidance. Thanks in advance.
    — Arslan Atajanov

    1. the #clutter channel may look silent, but if you ask you’ll very likely get a reply. feel free to drop by any time!

  2. Hello everybody, i know it’s not the right place for my asking … But i would like to know where i could find the sources for the python bindings of clutter-gtk and clutter-gst (python-clutter-gtk and python-clutter-gst) because they are not available on the gnome sources website … Thx in advance 😉

    1. those bindings are not really necessary any more: you can simply use pygobject and introspection to access the clutter-gst and clutter-gtk API from python.

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