So, what’s going on?

Description of the situation:

I got sponsored to go to GUADEC 2007, which is obviously this year, at Birmingham – UK. On the way there I’ll be attending GUADEC-es 2007, which is held on Granada – Spain (that’s where The Alhambra is).
Being a natural from PerĂº, I’m required to get a visa (no, not the credit card) for almost any country I want to visit, no matter the reasons.

Description of the actual problem:

I have to be interviewed by the spanish embassy to get approval for a visa, good thing: I’m good at words and being loved by people, bad thing: my appointment is for July 2nd.

Suggested solution:

Seek for someone with friends to get you in as fast as possible. This is were I am at.

Meanwhile, GCubo people (organizers of GUADEC-es) have been very kind and helpfull with all the paperwork I have to do, turned out they now have to invite me to Spain via a police station of the city. Funny.
Of course, gnome-uk people have also been very friendly with me. Paul and Thomas have been worried about my adventures with paperwork and stuff.

Many thanks to all of them!

And of course, the ToDo is still huge. But at least now I fell I know what to do next.

NP: Mar de Copas – Sol Soberano

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