Back in Lima

Finally I’m back in Lima. GUADEC was really great and I owe a big one to the people that this year helped me get there.

Among the remarkable things of this week, I can bullet point the following:

  • Vincent is a cheater, his ice cream was way smaller than mine. We’ll see next year who wins.
  • Bastien can now sleep, since he has this photo to counter this other photo.
  • Thanks to Richard, Etrunko, Fernando and red-team-guy (Chema?) for taking me to the nearest trash bin so they could keep playing, also thanks to the medical team composed of random players.
  • It was great to know a lot of people, a LOT!. But it was also great to know new people like Sílvia, Gil, Benjamin, Michael, Shreyas, Manuel, Ádám, Daniel… the list is really big!! Greetings to the Cheap Bastard Foundation founding members.
  • I’m featured on the es_PE translation of bug 455415. Andre’s contribution takes the prize however.
  • I’m using Ubuntu again, due to practical facts.
  • Pisco Sour was a success, everyone liked it except the ones with fobia to egg white. Receipt to be released as FreeDrinkware soon (so J5 can put it on The GNOME Cook Book).
  • My luggage is still somewhere in Amsterdam thanks to KLM. They say it will be here tomorrow.
  • I couldn’t help buying this while being in Amsterdam’s airport:
    FCB away
  • Got a lot of biz cards, I really like collecting them :P. Got a few coins too!.
  • Lima is too cold :(, I miss the hot 14C of Birmingham, here there’s cold 17C (yeah I know, makes no sense).
  • People here forgot to pick me up yesterday on the airport, they say they thought I was coming back today.

Also, I’ve uploaded almost all my relevant pictures to Flickr so you can check my set: GUADEC2007.

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