The Istanbul Agenda

  • FreeFA World Cup: All the fans of the most beautiful sport in the planet, deep lovers of the most important thing among unimportant matters. You are invited to come and join us in the fight for the supremacy, Tuesday 8th, at 17:00 in Ayazaga Spor Tesisleri (be ready at the university -the GUADEC venue- at 16:00, a bus will take us there).
  • PiscoParty: Those among you that last year had the chance of enjoying the fun of making and drinking Pisco Sour, this year it’s not different. The Pisco Crew will serve you the finest cocktail of all GNOME. This time, with a special guest cocktail: Algarrobina.
  • CheapBastardFoundation Annual Meeting: For the first year, we are getting together to discuss our world domination plans. You are free to join us, but be warned that you’ll have to prove your cheapness.
  • The Latin American Complot: we can’t let those gringos get away with all the fun!. Let’s get together and discuss some ideas for our tasty and sunny continent.
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