GNOMEs in Chile

Update March 1st, 24 UTC: Reynaldo Verdejo is ok, the list is complete!

Update March 1st, 16 UTC: Alejandro Valdés, Fabián Arias, Carlos Ríos Vera and Germán Póo-Caamaño have been in contact with others in Chile. 🙂

Probably by now some of you know or are worried about the situation in Chile. I’m not chilean nor in Chile but I’ve been following closely due to the considerable number of good friends I have there, most of them related to GNOME.

From The Big Picture (AP Photo/Roberto Candia)

Juan Carlos Inostroza (blog down) suggested I publish the list of GNOME/Free Software people in Chile that has reported since the earthquake and are fine, here it goes:

Known, found and good:

  • Andrea Orellana Palma
  • Álvaro Olivares
  • Alejandro Valdés (updated 20100301 @16 UTC, via Felipe Besoaín)
  • Adrien Bustany (updated 20100301 @16 UTC, via pvanhoof)
  • Cristian Barahona G.
  • Carlos Ríos Vera (updated 20100301 @16 UTC, via his sister on fb)
  • Fernando Ruiz Altamirano
  • Joo Anfossi Mardones
  • Jorge Bustos
  • Juan Carlos Inostroza
  • Fabio Durán
  • Fabián Arias (updated 20100301 @16 UTC, via Andrea Orellana)
  • Felipe Andres Besoaín Pino
  • Fernando San Martín Woerner
  • Germán Póo-Caamaño (updated 20100301 @16 UTC, via Pablo Estefó)
  • Mario Gonzáles
  • Miguel Angel Ruiz Manzano
  • Pablo Estefó
  • Pedro Villavicencio Garrido
  • Ricardo Fuentes
  • Reynaldo Verdejo (updated 20100301 @24 UTC, via Claudio Saavedra, Juan Carlos Inostroza)
  • Sven von Brand
  • Sebastián Lara

Not know, nor found, we presume good but without cellphones:

  • None

If you have been in contact with any of them, leave a comment, send a DM in twitter (@diegoe) and etc. List is not complete, I probably forgot someone, please remind me. Will update if I get news from anyone.

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15 Responses to GNOMEs in Chile

  1. Luis says:

    Thanks for putting this together, Diego; I have been waiting to see word from Germán and hope he is OK.

  2. tazz says:

    Diego, great going.

  3. pvanhoof says:

    You can add Adrien Bustany to that list. He’s a French student working in Chile. He contributes to Tracker.

  4. diegoe says:

    @pvanhoof is he lost or found?

  5. pvanhoof says:

    Found, he even has Internet access and electricity and is working hard already on the web miners for Tracker.

  6. diegoe says:

    Cool, I’ll update it in a while. Thanks Philip.

  7. Gracias por postear esto, Diego; me tranquiliza.

  8. Thank you again for these updates, Diego.

  9. Claudio says:

    pvanhoof, we are so worried about the tracker web miners right now, thanks for the update. Asshole.

  10. ReX says:

    Gracias Diego, me alegro saber que están bien. Fuerza compatriotas.

  11. pvanhoof says:

    I don’t think Claudio’s reply is necessary here.

  12. sri says:


    Thank you for putting the list and tracking it. I’m glad my chilean friends are well. I appreciate the effort.


  13. Jesse says:

    Prayer, prayer, prayer…

  14. Reynaldo says:

    Still alive and kicking! 😉 Always good to know you remember your Chilean pals. Best wishes.

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