At Campus Party, spreading the word

I left good old Lima yesterday to attend Campus Party Colombia 2010. I’m here with Germán to present a few talks on Free Software and GNOME. Big thanks go to Manuel Cerón for being the immolated soul behind the Free Software track.

Software Libre

Colombia is a really nice place, although a little rainy it is a comfortable weather to walk around and enjoy the city. Bogotá’s altitude is not relevant unless you are carrying your a laptop in a backpack around… oh, wait.

My first talk, about WebKitGTK+ and GNOME, was this afternoon with really good results. People had fun and felt confident to ask questions and approach me later for some extra chatting and photos. It was the one opening the Free Software track.

Tomorrow I open the day again with a talk titled “How to live creating Free Software without starving”, it’s a somewhat personal tale of how I have survived my life as a hippie hacker. Lots of lolcats and fun, guaranteed.

On Friday, Germán will present a talk titled “Who writes GNOME?”, I’m eager to see the results of his investigation. He’s also presenting it at GUADEC Hispana.

Sadly, light is really bad on the campus floor so it’s hard to take any picture. Germán has a few mugshots though. Maybe he publishes them later.

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