WebKitGTK+ hackfest, day 2

Philippe, Xan and Gustavo

Another day of the WebKitGTK+ hackfest, and a couple more stuff done.

  • I finished my work to separate the profile migration code into a different binary, saving epiphany from a linking to NSS. Then Martin explained to Xan and myself how the points, pixels, logical sizes, etc mess works. Our conclusion was that 12 is the answer, points are responsible for lots of problems in society and that Epiphany is getting a new fonts UI.
  • Dan and Benjamin have been working on stress testing gio-tls with the gvfs ftp backend, or so I’ve heard. Also, Dan seems to be preparing libsoup so we can add custom protocols to browsers, that means “about:whatever” can be back.
  • Xan finished his oprofile support on JSC and started to work on a plugins API. The goal is to have an about:plugins page where you can disable individual plugins.
  • Martin has been trying to ease the life of everyone by enabling precompiled headers.
  • Alex and Philippe worked on updating our test runner script to be much faster and more precise, giving our more information about failing tests.
  • Philippe advanced his custom widget to draw “progress ranges” for buffered parts of videos, like youtube does.
  • Mario is still working on a really evil accessibility bug, he’s almost done I’ve heard.
  • Gustavo fixed a complex bug where stuff that shouldn’t disappear was going away on page loads.
  • Joone kept working on viewport support and the cache model
  • Xan and Gustavo lost in Super Smash Bros against me, a lot of times.
  • I lost to Gustavo and Xan in Street Fighter II, a lot of times.
  • Gustavo likes the word “Cave”.

We also discussed a concept for GNOME 3 t-shirts, but we are keeping that one secret.

Finally, after seeing the presentation of Chrome OS and its sandboxes concept, we decided to implement it on Epiphany, so, here it is:

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2 Responses to WebKitGTK+ hackfest, day 2

  1. korbe says:

    Great. 🙂

    Good jobs. All these features are planned for Gnome 3.0 and the next version of Epiphany?

    Any plans for the come jack of the spell checking?

  2. korbe says:

    Sorry, I want to say ”come back” and not ”come jack”.

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