Everyone is welcome at the Foundation Meeting today

The GNOME Foundation is the formal organisation that brings together artists, coders, designers, every GNOME contributor. It’s goal is to provide GNOME with the necessary means to achieve its mission of delivering software freedom by building an awesome desktop.

Every year the GNOME Foundation gathers its membership on its Annual General Meeting (AGM) where the different teams of the project share their progress and plans. Also, the new Board of Directors —the guys running the Foundation— is welcomed and the old one is thanked for their hard work.

If you care about GNOME you are welcome at the meeting, no matter if you are not a Foundation member.

The Annual General Meeting is today at 4PM in the Fritz-Reuter-Saal, get there through the main entrance and straight ahead upstairs to the 3rd floor.


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One Response to Everyone is welcome at the Foundation Meeting today

  1. Jim Campbell says:

    I love the picture. : ) Germán is a cool dude.

    And thank you for encouraging everyone to participate. : )

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