The "Gringo" is back from Brazil

Last week, I went over to Recife, Brazil, to give a advanced GStreamer training course to the INDT folks. Despite it being the first training I ever gave (I already did several lectures and practical courses, but nothing this intensive), it was IMHO a real success. First of all, because of the attendees who were ALL extremely motivated and interested by the subject, asking the smart questions, digging deeper and deeper. Satisfying their thirst of knowledge was the other rewarding part. I discovered I knew more about GStreamer than I thought, and I deeply enjoyed transferring that knowledge.
I staid at Andre‘s place during that week, and it of course involved lots of going out, drinking, and yes even a hackfest ! All in all it was excellent. I’m looking forward to going back there, for work or for leasure. You can see some photos from the trip here

Anyway, I’m now back in colder Barcelona, and after a little personal review the decision was made to concentrate myself more on PiTiVi and direct GStreamer hacking. Don’t expect me to be as reactive as I was before to fixing bugs in various plugins or gst-python, it won’t happen until I get PiTiVi to a stage where you can do editing, namely cutting, resizing and moving around sources as you can see in the UI Mockups. I think it’s better both for all the end-users who’ve been waiting so long, and also as being a more productive Fluendo employee (Being paid to work on PiTiVi doesn’t come for free, but it’s a price I’m willing to pay).
Last of last, for the past 2 days I’ve been going over decodebin2 even more, fixing some last issues, testing its behaviour with the gst-media-test against current decodebin and it’s now performing as well, takes less memory, and doesn’t leak any memory. So expect it to land in cvs tomorrow. I’ll also patch playbin so that you can use playbin with decodebin2 if you have the proper environment variable set. Unfortunately, in the long run playbin is going to have to be modified/rewritten in order to benefit from some new features that decodebin2 proposes… which might be a good thing considering playbin hasn’t changed much in the port to 0.10, and it might be time for a clean rewrite.

3 thoughts on “The "Gringo" is back from Brazil”

  1. Please consider a multi-track timeline view too. An example of what I mean can be seen in Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro, (screenshot: Often overlaying music and sound effects and other tracks is needed in making a video, as well as simple compositing of videos, and a multiple-track view makes this much simpler.

    Also, I personally find it much simpler to do tasks like clipping a video to a certain length if there is a proportional representation of the lengths of the clip in the timeline, since it provides an idea of where the play time is allocated.

    All in all, something I hope you consider.

  2. Ori:
    The mockups are for the Simple UI, which aims to provide a simple interface for people who are new to video editing, or need an interface where all the smart choices have been taken for them.
    The counterpart to the Simple UI is the .. (insert drumrolls)… Advanced UI, which like most video editors, offers multi-track editing, with time-proportional representation of sources/effects/….
    Currently I’m concentrating all my work on implementing all the Simple UI mockups. Once that’s done… then I will move on to the advanced UI.

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