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A New year, and plenty of surprises…First of all, hello to Planet GNOME and thanks to Jeff for adding me. Quick presentation for those who don’t know me. I’m the author of the PiTiVi video editor, maintainer of the python bindings for GStreamer, the GStreamer GNonLin plugins (used by PiTiVi and Jokosher) and the ffmpeg GStreamer plugins. I’ve been hacking on GStreamer ever since I started PiTiVi, wanting to fix issues at the lowest level instead of making yet-another pile-of-hacks application, and I carry on doing so by debugging and implementing new features in GStreamer core. Not only do I spent a lot of time doing all this hacking during my free time , I am lucky enough to also be able to do so as part of the consulting department of Barcelona-based Fluendo along with a great team of hackers.

What can you expect on my blog ? Mostly insights on PiTiVi and GStreamer development, my views about GNOME, FOSS and the world of today and also sometimes ramblings about French cheese not being weapons of mass destruction.

Good news ! PiTiVi 0.10.2 was released 2 weeks ago, with a truckload of bugfixes. Tests, bug-reports or comments are more than welcome. I’m currently working on the editing interface for the simple timeline with the goal of being able to *finally* show some real editing at FOSDEM.

So yes, I’m going to FOSDEM, where I will be giving a talk about what’s new in GStreamer and what’s currently being developed under the hood. This talk will happen in the GNOME developer room. If you want to see what niceties are coming round the corner, come along !

Finally, hacking and having a real life is not always that easy, so LOTS of love to Emma, my girlfriend, who’s been an angel for the past 7 years, and whose birthday it is today.

4 thoughts on “Hello Planet Gnome”

  1. Please add some blurb about the gstreamer midi playback plugin to your talk. It might always attract some new blood…

  2. Can’t wait to have a good video editor in Linux! That’s clearly a big problem to migrate from Windows if you have some decent video editing to do. So keep up the good work, and your weight in french cheese once it’s done! 😉

  3. Mark : Don’t be confused between midi support in GStreamer and having a midi synthetizer plugin. The only thing GStreamer has currently regarding midi is a synthetizer that enables you to convert midi to raw audio that has just landed in gst-plugins-bad. I wouldn’t call that ‘midi support’ per se… But yes, definitely interesting. Maybe I will do a slide or two with all the new plugins that have been added over the past 6 months.

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