PiTiVi 0.13.4 “Cabernet d’Anjou”

Hi all,

The PiTiVi development team is thrilled to announce a new release of the PiTiVi video editor.

Amongst the new features:

  • video mixing/transparency support
  • icon view in source list
  • smoother scrolling
  • modeless splitting
  • seek on click
  • faster waveforms
  • zoom slider
  • UI beautifications
  • Speed optimisations
  • dbus/hal dependency now optional
  • translated in 30 languages

More info in the release notes , tarballs available on ftp.gnome.org and should be available on your distros any time soon (will be included in Lucid Lynx).

Update : The gstreamer-developers PPA has been updated for Ubuntu Karmik with 0.13.4 and all required dependencies : https://launchpad.net/~gstreamer-developers/+archive/ppa

19 thoughts on “PiTiVi 0.13.4 “Cabernet d’Anjou””

  1. Edward, translators would appreciate so much if you send a notice on gnome-i18n before the release…

  2. Is the fact that in the screenshot the “Audio:” label next to the timeline is not horizontally lined up with the Audio waveforms worth reporting as a bug?

  3. Why is the audio track label “Audio:” next to the second video track? Shouldn’t it move automatically?

  4. @claude, sorry for that, we were in a rush to get out at least one version for Lucid. And since most languages have 99 or 100% translated messages, I skipped it this time. Promised, I’ll send the pre-release mails to gnome-i18n next time.

    @Leolas, yes, we have a branch with transitions, but due to lack of testing and wanting to be certain Lucid would have at least a version of PiTiVi with the past 6 months of bugfixes/improvements we made this release. If all goes well we should be able to release another version of PiTiVi within the next 2 weeks with transitions.

    @Greg, asdfasdf: whoops, indeed 🙁 Can you please file a bug ?

    @Joseph, We’ll update the gstreamer-developers PPA as soon as possible.

  5. okay, I’m happy then 😀

    That means that Ubuntu 10.04+1 is gonna have effects 🙂

  6. Ed,

    Excellent work. I love the high quality improvements you make to this. I am already updated and will play with this on Saturday.

    Please keep up the great work!!

  7. this is excellent. The video and audio playback is smooth on my ubuntu 9.10, even with multiple tracks transitioning together. Much appreciated. As I don’t tend to use many effects, this is a stable video editor that I will put alot of use into, which will allow me to complete my video projects with ease on linux. Finaly, F yess. Thanks to everyone involved!

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