Hello, planet!

Jon has been pestering me for quite a while now to start blogging about my work on GNOME Shell – apparently I finally gave in. I guess a short introduction to fellow Gnomies is appropriate before talking about work, so here we go:

My name is Florian Müllner. I was born and raised in the boring plains of Northern Germany. I have been living in Madrid with my boyfriend during the last couple of years. I am older than Paris Hilton, but younger than Perez Hilton. I started hacking on the Shell a little more than a year, and working for Red Hat a little less than a month ago. If you want to bribe me, you can buy me beer.

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3 Responses to Hello, planet!

  1. anonim says:

    your blog doesn’t appear in http://planet.gnome.org/

  2. Andy Wingo says:

    Welcome to the planet! 🙂

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