Stormy’s Update: Week of June 22nd

Short week as I got back from vacation mid-week. (The lab setup went really well. Hopefully people will start to blog on

Caught up with a ton of email. Only sent out two redundant emails I think.  (That’s emails that I wouldn’t have sent out if I read all my mail before I answered any of it.)

Met with four more members of the Board of Advisors. Sent notes to Board of Directors. Next week I’ll write it up for the Board of Advisors and the GNOME Foundation. I believe their feedback is some good stuff for discussion at GUADEC.

Sent out a mail to some of the team leads (like travel, sys admin, etc) to talk about how we can standardize on reporting. Early consensus is to have standard documents and reporting times and places.

Got press contacts from advisory board members and Desktop Summit sponsors for the press at the Desktop Summit.

Pinged on the status for a couple of the sponsored parties at the Desktop Summit.

Gave input on agendas for board of advisors, board of directors and AGM meetings at GUADEC.

Still working on getting a meeting room for the advisory board meeting. (Thought I had it all until they told me that the speaker phone and projector were going to add 600 euros to the price!!)

Was very excited about all the progress Paul Cutler and the marketing team have made on mission, goals, wiki pages, etc. Contributed a few ideas to a couple of pages.

Exchanged email with someone who put in a bid to host this year’s GNOME.Asia summit.

Talked to TI who is donating some Zoom 2‘s to the GNOME usability team.

Sent 401K plan guy’s answers back to our attorneys for another round of review.

Next week:

  • Answer some interview questions for an article around Desktop Summit.
  • Write another invitation letter for a Desktop Summit/GUADEC attendee who needs it for visa/work reasons.
  • Write a press release! (Watch for it!)
  • Fill out Google Grant Adwords application with data from Claus Schwarm.
  • Send out summaries of the meetings with Board of Advisor folks.
  • Send out agenda for advisory board meeting at GUADEC.
  • Make sure sponsored Desktop Summit and GUADEC parties happen.
  • Travel to Desktop Summit/GUADEC. (24 hour trip)
  • Board of Directors meeting.


  • Work on 2009 finances with nonprofit workshop and Jaap’s feedback in mind. Hopefully with the new treasurer.
  • Update Friends of GNOME spreadsheet data with the checks we’ve received. (It’s currently Paypal data. We don’t get many checks.)
  • Work on the new GNOME Foundation sponsorship plan, like premium sponsorship.
  • Work with marketing list to figure out how best to report and act on Friends of GNOME survey data. (John Williams is looking at it now.)