New EU Events Box, part 1, thanks Canonical

You might remember that the EU Events Box went missing a couple of months ago. While we’re still working on getting that box back from the nice folks at UPS, the EU conference scene was left without a GNOME presence because of the lack of material to present to visitors.


But not anymore! The nice people at Canonical helped the GNOME Foundation out, and purchased a new Events Box in time for this year’s FOSDEM.

The box contains:

  • A nice new ASRock computer, dual-booting Ubuntu and Fedora 15 pre-release, to show off GNOME 3 (with a top-of-the-range CPU, and a Blu-Ray drive, rather than cheaper equivalents)
  • A 19″ LCD screen as well as a good-quality projector
  • A wireless router running DD-WRT
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse, an inkjet printer (currently stuck in London…)
  • A money box, gaffer tape, a log book, pens, paper, power adapters and power strips and many more stationery items I forget.

I will also note that the box itself is nearly as expensive as the more expensive items inside it. Let me show you some nice pictures of the kit purchased for us.

The whole box

More stacked contents

The ASRock small computer

A whole load of cables

Upside down sticker, huh.

Thanks again to Canonical for stepping up to the plate, and giving us a way to present GNOME 3 to our users.

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