Fragments 3.0

It has finally happened! The long awaited major update of Fragments is now available, which includes many exciting new features.

The most important addition is support for torrent files. It is now possible to select the files you want to download from a torrent. The files can be searched and sorted, individual files can be opened directly from Fragments.

Further new features

    • Added torrents can now be searched
    • In addition to magnet links, *.torrent links in the clipboard are now also recognized
    • Prevent system from going to sleep when torrents are active
    • New torrents can be added via drag and drop
    • Automatic trashing of *.torrent files after adding them
    • Stop downloads when a metered network gets detected


      • When controlling remote sessions, the local Transmission daemon no longer gets started
      • Torrents are automatically restarted if an incorrect location has been fixed
      • Torrents can now also be added via CLI
      • Clipboard toast notification is no longer displayed multiple times
      • Reduced CPU/resource consumption through adaptive polling interval
      • Improved accessibility of the user interface
      • Modernized user interface through the use of new Adwaita widgets
      • Update from Transmission 3.0.5 to 4.0.5

      Thanks to Maximiliano and Tobias for once again helping with this release. As usual this release contains many other improvements, fixes and new translations thanks to all the contributors and upstream projects.

      Also a big shoutout to the Transmission project, without which Fragments would not be possible, for their fantastic 4.0 release!

      The new Fragments release can be downloaded and installed from Flathub: