Second Shortwave Beta

Today I can finally announce the second Shortwave Beta release! I planned to release it earlier, but unfortunately the last few weeks were a bit busy for me


    • Improved startup time. Shortwave should start now way faster. (#399)
    • Song recorder path is now configurable through gsettings (#406)
    • Don’t record newsticker messages / songs which are too short (#372)
    • The google cast feature isn’t experimental anymore (#368)
    • Fix AAC streams playback (#404)
    • New button in the application menu for creating new stations
    • The GNOME Shell MPRIS applet now displays the station cover
    • And of course, a bunch of other improvements / bug fixes!

Other changes:

    • Upgraded the gtk-rs stack to 0.8.0
    • Gtk.Application and Gtk.ApplicationWindow is now subclassed
    • Shortwave uses now the new API (#418)

You can download the latest beta release from Flathub (Beta)! Please test it extensively and report all issues!

flatpak install

Or just click here to install it. You can find the project page here.